Friday, November 2, 2012

Clean and Gut a Fish

How to Clean and Gut a Fish

how to clean and gut a fish

Men need manly things

Men love women. They are fun, attractive, and intriguing. Women are great. But let's face it, sometimes as a man, you just need a break and really, you feel like you need something to restore your sense of manly dignity. Playing in dirt or blackening your hands with car oil are both great ways to restore that rusticness. However, in my opinion, there isn't much that will restore your manly pride like catching a beautiful trout on a fly that you tied, then cleaning and gutting it and bringing it home to eat. I think this appeals to the caveman/hunter/gatherer in each of us.

Cleaning and gutting fish is a great way to feel manly

On the flip side, imagine with me that you have tied a perfect bug that looks so amazing that even you are starting to think that it looks delicious, you just made the most perfect cast and lo and behold, you caught an amazing 18 inch rainbow trout! You are at the height of manliness. You start thinking about that fish frying with some olive oil and lemon pepper and you start salivating. You're getting really pumped and the testosterone is surging through your veins. Then you realize that you have no idea how to even kill the darn fish let alone gut it. In fact, the thought of gutting the fish makes you a little squeamish. You don't know how to gut and clean a fish? All of a sudden, you don't feel so manly anymore. You look around hoping that nobody has noticed this breech in your wall of manly toughness..... This was my first experience. And if you want to ensure that yours is different, watch the video below.

Clean and gut your fish with confidence

This is honestly the best way to clean and gut a fish. With the method he demonstrates, you pull out all the nasty insides at once just quick and easy. His method of pulling the skin off is quite effective also.

The last matter is that of killing the fish once you've caught it. If you don't leave the fish on the bank to suffocate, or if you want to speed its passing, the easiest way is to just take a river rock and hit it on the head a few times. 

So there ya have it! Now you can go fishing with confidence - not having to wonder what the guys will think of you. So get out there and enjoy manliness in all its rustic glory! And, you're welcome :)

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  1. That's not manly, just a useful ability, in itself :).
    Of course many women appreaciate if a man is (also) skilled.